It has been a term of change for the ICHC L2s. The previous few seasons saw a lot of defeat, with moments of greatness and unbeatable team spirit, but just not many actual goals. Something had to change, and so October brought the hotly debated creation of the L3s, led by the blindingly optimistic captain Lois Gallety and devoted coach Milo Kite. We were also pleased to welcome several skilled freshers who are not above occasionally stepping on the ball or giving away a pass out of confusion/panic – too scruffy for the L1s, but perfect for the L2s.

After several exciting weeks of matches, we got to know each other and were making great strides on and off the pitch. A mid-November LUSL match against Kent 1s, a team several leagues above us, had been a little rough, but hopes were still high as we came to face the only other undefeated team in our BUCS league, RUMS 2s.

This was to be “the most important game of the season” – Alex Bosman, co-captain. As ICHC’s L2s pulled into the penultimate stop on the Piccadilly Line, Katya was nervous. But with Ash ‘did you know I played county when I was 13’ Cunningham in goal, and Ellie ‘Sorry I just feel so distracted today aha’ Dobson as sweeper, we knew we were in safe hands, and Katya was a bit less nervous (but still quite nervous).

An unusually smooth start and some divisive attacking play by freshers Ella, Charlotte, and Millie saw us with a few slick goals by half time.

Some rocky play in the second half, with players either falling over from stationary or misunderstanding the umpire’s words “please put the ball on the line” had us lose some momentum, but at this point we were just pleased to know most of the rules. An unlucky breakthrough in the final minute saw RUMS score their first goal, but not before we had slipped in a few more, ending the match with a comfortable 6-1. All in all, a captivating performance by everyone collaboratively and individually (“except Ash” – Henry Sewall, Coach), with inspiring teamwork and drive that is set to only get better as the season continues.

After a tough 1819 season saw us struggling with consistency and low in spirits, it is exciting to see such brilliant chemistry and smooth technical play that begs the question - is promotion finally within reach?