You are a scientist and have an entrepreneurship idea? Confused about how to make a business proposal or get the idea off the ground? Or, do you want to learn how you could turn your expertise and knowledge into a kick-starter that could change the world?!

If you think you have what it takes to:

  • Make an exciting business proposal
  • Network with other students to form a business plan
  • Present the idea to win up to £1000

… then GSU Connect is the event for you!

GSU Connect is an event that aims to exclusively connect postgraduate students from the Imperial College Business School to students from the rest of the College. Students with entrepreneurship ideas requiring the expertise of business management, finance or marketing are introduced to students from the Business School, who can use knowledge from their studies to aid these students to move forward with their ideas. Even without an idea at hand, you can still come to GSU Connect and meet other students who could help you turn your science into a game changing product.

This two-day event begins with students spending an afternoon participating in networking events, leading them to form inter-departmental teams with whom they can spend a week developing a business proposal.

Following the first day, teams of 4-5 members can register to compete at the second event a week later, where they will have the opportunity to compete against each other (to ensure teams have a fair mix of skills, we are asking that each team has at least one student from the Business School).

Student teams will be given a chance to present their business proposals to our panel of judges. There will be two rounds of judging to nominate a group to win a cash prize of £500. Another group will also be awarded a cash prize of £500 based on an audience vote.

In addition to our wonderful cash prizes, we’re offering participating students free refreshments at each event and the chance to network with our panel of specialist judges.

The two-day event will be hosted on the 20th & 27th February at the Imperial College South Kensington Campus. Please note, this event is only for postgraduate students.

So, if you’re excited about learning how to transform your innovative science, medicine and engineering into a potential business idea, or you already have a budding idea, this is the event for you!