The Plant-Based Imperial campaign combines initiatives from Greening Imperial, Environmental Society (ESoc), VegSoc and Animal Protection & Education Society (APES). The main aim of the campaign is to reduce the carbon footprint of the college and work towards a more sustainable college. Throughout January and February Imperial will be holding various events relating to meat consumption and sustainability (see the accompanying timetable).

On Mondays and Fridays between 12-2.00pm, there are pop-up stalls in JCR and SCR so as to get engage the community and get feedback on Meat-Free Mondays. Comments and opinions are welcomed.

A screening of Carnage will be held in the Grantham Institute on Wednesday, 23rd of January. A satire mockumentary by comedian Simon Amstell, Carnage, set in a meat free future, makes light of both vegans and meat-eaters of today.

On the 26th VegSoc is organizing a trip to the FRIEND animal sanctuary, where you can muck in, for instance cleaning chicken sheds or helping livestock which have been rescued from abusive owners or found abandoned. There are limited spaces. Email to register interest.

Is veganism healthy? This is a question that often draws a great deal of empassioned but also unsubstantiated debate. UCL and Imperial students have begun a campaign to make at least a half of food consumed at the university vegan by 2020. This campaign is launching with a talk on nutrition at UCL on the 28th. Well worth attending if you would like to be involved or are considering a vegan diet. Also a chance to see the “other” university.

Should the production of meat be banned? Expect a heated debate right here in Imperial, as four experts come together in early February to discuss this proposition.

Last but certainly not least, “Earthling Ed”, an influential activist with over 9 million views on Youtube will be visiting to Imperial in late February.

Visit to sign-up for events and more info on Meat-Free Mondays.