I’d like to believe that every one of us, at least in part, can do something better for the environment. But I also know that for some, this can seem dauting, difficult, or just too time consuming - which is why, I thought I’d share my experience with ODDBOX, a UK based company committed to tackling food waste. One of the United Nations sustainable development goals is halving the per capita global food waste by 2030. Yet, globally 1.3 billion tonnes of food produced is being wasted every year. In UK alone, 3 million tonnes of food (13 of the total produce!) don’t even reach the super market shelves, simply because they are discriminated due to their ‘odd shape or size’, despite being perfectly and deliciously edible. Oddbox will source these vegetables from local growers and markets at a fair price and deliver them to people all across London, including areas near the Imperial campus. This not only reduces the amount of produce going to waste but also supports local farmers. Besides, these fruits and vegetable didn’t have to fly or sail across the ocean to get to us, ultimately reducing the carbon footprint.

Personally, what I’ve loved most about Oddbox is that they provide a variety of produce, all of which are seasonal; this means getting the opportunity to cook with unfamiliar ingredients, such as rainbow carrots, hispi cabbages, and purple sprouting broccolis. Even cooking with them is made easy, as every Oddbox delivery comes with a simple recipe for potential meals that can be made using the contents in the box that week. The boxes are also conveniently delivered right outside the house, so the excitement of waking up every Thursday morning to unravel the unknown contents of a new oddbox waiting outside my doorstep feels almost like a weekly Christmas present. This also means that I don’t have to spend time walking to and around the supermarket for grocery shopping. Another excellent feature which I appreciate is the fact that unlike every single fruit and vegetable unnecessarily dressed from head to toe in plastic at the supermarkets, oddbox deliveries are hardly ever wrapped in any plastic (with the exception of Spinach!); They come straight in cardboard boxes which are reused or recycled, so the amount of plastic waste can also be greatly minimized.

Oddbox provides a variety of order options, including veg only, or a combination of fruit and veg, and in sizes of small, medium and large. A small veg and fruit box is probably ideal for college students to last for a week, and only costs 10.49 pounds for a hearty quantity. Payment is on a weekly basis, so you can easily cancel any time you travel or simply don’t have time to cook.

With Oddbox, you’re not only saving money and making your life easier, but also contributing to solving the global food waste issue and other environmental problems. It starts with just one delivery.