The Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) is the representative body within the Imperial College Union for the postgraduate community across all Imperial campuses. The GSU works alongside the Imperial College Union President to ensure that the requirements of postgraduate students are catered for. The GSU also ensures that postgraduates’ social and recreational needs are met and holds a number of events during the year – do look out for these!

Postgraduate students at Imperial are at the forefront of the research done and the experience they have as a student should be the best. Therefore, at the GSU we ensure that this happens (and you’d be pleasantly surprised how much goes on behind the scenes to do this!). The work we do focuses on the academic, welfare and social needs of postgraduates. Below you can see who makes up the current GSU committee with a brief outline of some of the things they get up to. However, the roles are very flexible and officers help out where there is a particular area of interest…or crisis! Remember, you don’t have to be an official committee member to help out either if there’s something you’d like to organise or change on more of a short-term basis.

Whether you are a Master, MRes or Doctoral Research student, you are automatically a member of the GSU. If you have any questions or would like to find out more please do not hesitate in getting in touch by emailing:

In this vein, we take this opportunity to thank you for voting for us and look forward to serving you and ensuring your postgraduate experience is a well-rounded and happy one! Look out for the elections in March if you would like to get involved and join our team to create some rewarding long-term impact for the PG community.

Ute Thiermann - GSU President

I thrive to ensure PG issues are taken more seriously in both the College and the Union. Ultimately, I want to increase the general wellbeing of all PGs by improving supervision culture, college infrastructure, mental health services and socialising opportunities. My PhD looks into how mindfulness can make people change their behaviours and become more sustainable. I am also finalising a two-year yoga teacher program at Triyoga.

Lingru Zheng - Deputy President (Operations)

In my past year as a committee member of the GSU and student trustee at IC Union, I have witnessed the growth of the GSU to better meet its members’ needs. My previous role included initiating the IC Data challenge by partnering with 7 companies, ICDSS and Imperial Enterprise lab. We envisage an even bigger event this year!

As DP, I endeavour to improve the employability of all postgraduates by equipping you with in-depth connections in the industry and helping you turn your lab/simulation outcomes into commercial projects/products by working with corporate sponsors and Imperial Enterprise lab.

Ashley Brooks - Deputy President (Academic & Welfare Representation)

Hi, I’m Ashley, a third year PhD student in the Centre for Transport Studies (Civil Engineering). When not pursuing studies, I can be seen playing the guitar from time to time!

I’m responsible for working closely with the Academic & Welfare Officers and leading the postgraduate Academic Representation Network in conjunction with the President. In addition, I would like to celebrate the international diversity of the PG community and believe that it is a vital part of Imperial College’s campus and life – indeed, it can set the tone for intellectual curiosity and pursuit throughout the College.

Carina Zhao - Social Media Officer

Hi! My name is Carina Zhao and I’m from China. I’m studying the MRes Drug Discovery and Development in the Department of Chemistry. As the new Social Media Officer of GSU this year, I’m more than excited to apply my communication skills in raising awareness of the Union and to make contributions to Imperial Master’s and PhD student welfare and opportunities. I enjoy being supportive to my GSU colleagues and I really look forward to nailing this year’s challenges with my team!

Clare Chan - Events Coordinator

Hi everyone, I’m Clare and I’m studying Investment & Wealth Management at the Business School. I am the Events Coordinator of the GSU. I am responsible for organising various events for all graduate students, working closely with the Union Events Team in order to make sure all events run smoothly and provide the best experience for all participants.

Sam Yu - Academic & Welfare Officer (Business Officer)

I’m Sam and I study Investment & Wealth Management at the Business School. As an Academic & Welfare Officer of the Business School, I am mainly responsible for retrieving feedback from students and increasing the amount of academic resources to all available students. I am also responsible for connecting PhD/Master’s students from different disciplines, thus expanding the social networking aspect for every student.

Jenny (Yeon Hee) Kim - Academic & Welfare Officer (Faculty of Medicine)

I’m Jenny and I’m studying public health. I am the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) Academic & Welfare Officer for the Faculty of Medicine this year. I work closely with the course and department representatives to receive the student feedback that can be discussed with faculty and college level staff, GSU committee, and the constituents to resolve any issues faced by the students.

Hence, my role is to represent the students to ensure their voices are heard and the essential changes are made, in order to create a supportive environment for all students in the faculty.

Sandunika Hirumuthugoda - Marketing & Publicity Officer

Hi everyone! My name is Sandunika, I’m a postgraduate student studying Cardiology and Respiratory Healthcare. I’m the new GSU Marketing & Publicity Officer. I endeavour to engage a wider interest group and work closely with the Union Communications team to ensure our events are well-attended and our issues heard.

In that vein, I’m honoured to represent you this academic year and to make a positive impact on your Imperial College experience.

Lorenzo Palmieri - Sponsorship Officer

I am Lorenzo and I am a 3rd year PhD student in Mathematics. I’m the new Sponsorship Officer at the GSU. My goal is to engage private companies and external partners to support new events/projects taking place at Imperial in order to make our university’s environment even more stimulating and exciting!

Hannah Jones - Events Officer

I’m Hannah and I’m doing a PhD in Neurobiology. I’m the GSU Events Officer, so I work closely with the Events Coordinator to plan and organise specific postgraduate events across each Imperial College’s campus. We have lots of things we are planning to run this year, including networking events, socials, industry sponsored events and a fancy black-tie dinner!

Joseph Tam - Treasurer

I’m Joseph and I’m a Clinical Research Fellow in Urology and Prostate Cancer. As Treasurer of thr GSU, my job is to budget the GSU events and activities. I will try to be as transparent as possible to be accountable to the student population.

Raya El Laham - Academic & Welfare Officer (Faculty of Engineering)

I’m Raya and I’m doing a PhD in Material Research. I’m the Academic & Welfare Officer for the Faculty of Engineering. My goal is to have more PGs reach out to the GSU and be more comfortable expressing their concerns and worries with regards to their wellbeing, as well as their education.