So, I was recently asked about the best perk of working behind the new bar at the Union. Now, before you say, it’s not the verbal abuse from the pretty much universally hated miners and no, it’s not the funky shirts. It’s without a doubt, the free food.

Mid-shift there is absolutely nothing you want more, than to get your Jäger stained hands on a juicy impala burger with some curly fries. I’m not just an isolated case either. Ever since the new bar, kitchen and menu have arrived I’ve heard ethereal whispers of “guest burgers”, “did he say bison?!”, “What even is an Impala!?” all around campus. Either that or it’s in my head… which, on second thoughts, it probably is.

Being a newbie to Imperial means I didn’t have the privilege of enjoying the old menu, but I’ve done my extensive research (asking the boss) to find out what’s new and most improved.

Most of the snacks are new to the menu like the samosas and haddock and spring onion fishcakes and you can even get yourself some wasabi tempura vegetables, all these bringing a bit of much needed diversity to the menu. Nachos return as an old favourite, now with a combination of three dips and they even comes in sharing size! Nice. For the healthier of you, there are two new salads to choose from. A simple ‘bistro’ salad or a pretty decent Caprese. However, if you’re normal, like the rest of us, you’re going to be focusing on the right-hand side of the menus looking at pizzas and burgers. The new Texana pizza has been an instant best seller as well as the classic Napolina, both of which are just £5.50 for 12”. However, winning the award for best newcomer has to be the FiveSixEight burger. Having not actually had one myself, I’m basing this on the fact the entire stock was eaten in two days. As they’re made out of bison, the environment side of me is slightly worried at this. To top it all off they also do desserts now too! A lemon tart, chocolate fondant and pecan and maple cheesecake. Come on, you must be a little tempted?

It’s not Michelin starred dining and yes the menu is made from greaseproof paper, but who cares? It does the job

Anyway, I just want people to know, there’s a new menu and it’s fairly cheap. It’s not Michelin starred dining and yes the menu is made from greaseproof paper, but who cares? It does the job. The menu is well-priced so even if you just fancy a few (12) onion rings with some sweet chilli dip, you can get them for just £1.50.

So, if you can’t be bothered to cook (or microwave) get down to the Union have a cheap yet ultimately satisfying meal and possibly (as I heard one guy, who I won’t name, call it the other day) a “cheeky snakey B” too. Ouch.